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How can I participate?

Multiple ways to participate:

  • Lead an intervention. Work with a group of friends to think, plan and organize. Register your event as soon as possible to maximize promotion. 
  • Sign up to volunteer as an organizer, help out on the festival day, provide resources, promote the festival or mentor. 
  • Provide in-kind or financial support to the festival. The festival is a grassroots, city-building project. It is inspiring, creative and built on volunteerism, goodwill, local expertise and diversity. Partner with us to make it a huge success. 
  • Visit the events. Join in the festivities. 

For volunteer opportunities or to sponsor the festival contact 

Who can Participate?

Anyone can participate! Old or young, new to the city, or lifetime resident, 100in1day is a day of possibility - where you can re-imagine your city. If you've ever had an idea for your neighbourhood or community, here is your 'social licence' to put it into action. 

Parlez-vous français?


Nous acceuillons à bras ouverts vos soumissions en français. Étant une toute petite ONG, nous n'avons pas encore la capacité de créer un sîte francophone, mais soyez assurer que vos idées nous tiennent à coeur. 

Si vous désirez aider à traduire notre site veuillez SVP communiquer avec nous: 


L'Equipe Synapcity

Look out for more 100in1day events and workshops. Check back often.

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