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What is 100in1Day?

100In1day is a global festival of civic engagement and a growing movement that is changing how people interact with their cities.  Originating in Bogota, Colombia, and spreading to cities around the world, the festival has inspired citizen-driven change in cities through small urban interventions. The spirit of 100in1day is democratic, imaginative and empowering. The festival is a platform for citizens to activate ideas to make their city healthier, happier and more inspired, one initiative at a time.   

Powered by Synapcity, with support from United Way Ottawa and community partners, 100in1day is coming to Ottawa for the first time this year! We're excited by the possibilities and here to support you.  

By taking part in this festival, you have the opportunity to share ideas that you've always wanted to see in Ottawa or try out a new idea and have it profiled as part of this big day of civic engagement. 

How can I participate?

Multiple ways to participate:

  • Lead an intervention on June 3rd. Work with a group of friends to think, plan and organize. Register your event as soon as possible to maximize promotion. 
  • Sign up to volunteer as an organizer, help out on June 3d, provide resources, promote the festival or mentor. 
  • Provide in-kind or financial support to the festival. The festival is a grassroots, city-building project. It is inspiring, creative and built on volunteerism, goodwill, local expertise and diversity. Partner with us to make it a huge success. 

For volunteer opportunities or to sponsor the festival contact christine@synapcity.ca 

Who can Participate?

Anyone can participate! Old or young, new to the city, or lifetime resident, June 3rd is a day of possibility - where you can re-imagine your city. If you've ever had an idea for your neighbourhood or community, here is your 'social licence' to put it into action. 

What if I am Already Planning a Community Event or Festival on June 3rd?

Existing festivals and community events planned for June 3rd are encouraged to join 100in1day if they take place outdoors, in public spaces and are free and open to anyone. By submitting the event or festival as part of 100in1day, it's an opportunity to promote the event to a larger audience, network with others, and participate in a city-wide, global movement. 

Parlez-vous français?


Nous acceuillons à bras ouverts vos soumissions en français. Étant une toute petite ONG, nous n'avons pas encore la capacité de créer un sîte francophone, mais soyez assurer que vos idées nous tiennent à coeur. 

Si vous désirez aider à traduire notre site veuillez SVP communiquer avec Christine: christine@synapcity.ca 


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Registered Urban Interventions

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Pollinators matter at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden

By Fletcher Wildlife Garden View Project

Paint Therapy Ottawa

By Randy Sidaoui View Project

Mind & Meditation Workshop

By Art of Living Foundation View Project

Public Living Room Project

By BLINK View Project

Robot Missions Field Test

By Robot Missions View Project

The Ottawa Art Society Art Walk

By Ottawa Art Society View Project

Upcoming Events

April 5th - Community Workshop - Mechanicsville
Learn more about 100in1day and share ideas and plans.


Imagine the possibilities for our city if hundreds of people united to participate in small initiatives to transform our city! The workshop will explore the goals behind 100in1day and the idea that individuals and groups can make a difference in our collective city through simple but effective 'urban interventions'. This free workshop will help to spark and develop ideas for 100in 1day on June 3rd. 

Where: Laroche Park Fieldhouse, 52 Stonehurst Ave. 

When: 6-8pm 

Childcare available. Light refreshments will be served. 


April 11th - 100in1day Ottawa Volunteer Meet Up
Join in to become a core volunteer for 100in1day Ottawa.

100in1day is about activating over one hundred small but effective actions, all on one day, to spark positive change in neighbourhoods across our city. To do this, we need your support. We are looking for passionate volunteers to help champion the festival, motivate individuals and community groups to plan interventions, act as mentors, and help us promote and document the festival. If this sounds interesting to you, then please join in. 

Where: Glebe Community Centre Café, 175 Third Ave. 

When: 5:30 - 7:30pm

Drinks provided. If you can, please bring a snack to share. We'll dream big and share ideas on how to make Ottawa's first 100in1day festival a big success. 

rvsp: christine@synapcity.ca

April 12th - OPIRG - U of Ottawa
Meet Up/Drop In with OPIRG's Action Groups

The 100in1day festival is a platform for groups to amplify their work, engage residents on a variety of local issues and test out new ideas. 

As the lead on the 100in1day festival, I will be on site at the OPIRG office to meet with anyone from OPIRG's Action Groups who would like to get more information about the thinking behind the festival and ideas on ways to participate. 

Where: University Centre, OPIRG's Office, 2nd floor, 85 University Building 

When: 3-6pm 

April 22nd - Ottawa Park Summit
An event organized by Ecology Ottawa that builds strong community support for parks

The first Park Summit in Ottawa will bring together people from across the city who are involved in protecting, promoting and animating parks. We'll be participating at the summit to share ideas of citizen-led 'interventions' in parks athat helped to draw attention to park issues and/or to make use of the park space to bring communities together. 

Where: Makerspace North, Bay 216, 250 City Centre Ave. 

When: 1-5pm

You can register for the Summit at:


May 6th - Jane's Walk
100in1day Ideation Walk

As a lead up to the 100in1day festival on June 3rd, this walk will be part neighbour exploration, part 100in1day workshop to generate discussion and ideas about ways citizens can take action to transform the city through small but thoughtful initiatives. 

After exploring McNabb Park, we will walk along Gladstone Ave. between Bronson Ave. and Lyon St., and up and down the adjacent side streets, to look for inspiration and opportunities for urban interventions. 

Starting point:  McNabb Park, corner of Bronson Ave. and Gladstone Ave. 

Approximate length of walk: 2km

Time: 3pm - 4:30pm

More information on the Jane's Walk website 


Resources to help get you started

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