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What is 100in1Day?

On June 3 2017, London will feature 100+ interventions. Leading up to the day the Urban League of London and Evergreen seek to inspire citizens to pilot their city changing ideas with the intention that some of these ideas will be able to foster lasting change in our city.

100In1Day has the power to inspire citizen involvement by bringing people together for change—having the power to motivate leaders to consider new approaches to problems it aids in producing ideas that can grow beyond just one day.

Why should I participate in 100In1Day?

By taking a small action, you have an opportunity to share ideas that you've always wanted to see in London or try out a new idea, and have it profiled as part of a big day of civic engagement.

How can I participate?

· Register your idea here

· Participate in workshops where you can refine your intervention idea

· Take part on June 3

· Sign up to volunteer as an organizer or to help out on the day of the event

· Offer resources of support to other people's actions

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate! Old or young, new to the city, or lifetime resident. June 3rd is a day of possibility – where you can re-imagine your city. If you’ve ever had an idea for your neighbourhood or community, here is your chance to show us your moves.

How did 100In1Day start?

100En1Dia started in 2012 by a group of students that intended to launch six urban interventions that would maximize the potential of the city. Over beers they decided to be more ambitious, and launch 100 urban interventions, that would take place in one day. On May 26, 2012, over 250 urban interventions took place in Bogotá, and a phenomenon was born, that has since spread to over 31 cities around the world.


Helpful tools and resources to inspire and help with planning and promotion for your participation in 100In1Day London.

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